Events and Gallery
Events: Organizing Fashion shows to enhance the knowledge of Event organization, Choreography, Dress Designing, Model Make-up, Cat Walk, Backstage work & more.

2019 Designer Show Part-2

NEC Fashion Show 2015
2018 Designer Show
Seattle Fashion Show 2015-(USA)
Riverside Fashion Show 2017
Fashion Show 2012
2017 Fashion Show
Fashion Show 2008
Exhibition: To enhance the knowledge of Boutique management courses, we are conducting every year exhibition cum sale at college road before Diwali festival.
Exhibition 2017
Exhibition 2015
Exhibition 2010
Exhibition 2013
Exhibition 2009
Exhibition 2011
Textile mill visit: Organizing Textile Mill Visit to give practical knowledge of Machinery & Fabric used for clothing manufacturing.
Textile Mill Visit 2017
Textile Mill Visit 2012
Textile Mill Visit 2010
Textile Mill Visit 2009
Education Fair:  Providing a platform to students at Education fair to explore Business Promotion & Marketing skill.
Education Fair 2010
Education Fair 2009